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Cuevas de las Manos on the rio Pinturas, 2005, photograph by Mariano Cecowski, Santa Cruz Provence, Argentina.

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ARROWHEAD Collecting On The Web
If you collect arrowheads, before you buy another point,
make sure you read the critically important information
about the difference between ancient, authentic artifacts and
modern-made reproductions.  Every month in the magazine
“ARROWHEAD Collecting On The Web”.  Copies of the
most popular types of authentic projectile points and tools are
sometimes sold as ancient.  On occasion this happens
innocently, through ignorance.  Honorable flint knappers
will inform you of the fact that their points are modern-
made.  They are proud of their artwork and will
sign it with a diamond scribe or with indelible ink.  
Yet, too often, slick operators, with fraudulent intent,
will let you believe or even tell you that a modern-made
piece is ancient in origin.  They are trying to separate you
from as much money as possible.  You should deal with
someone you trust ... and be careful even then.  Require
signed provenance for your purchases, and certificates of
authenticity whenever possible.  Always remember that
if a story sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good
to be true.  Being forewarned is forearmed.  Accurate
knowledge and practical understanding can give you peace
of mind about the artifact collection you are building.
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“ARROWHEAD Collecting On The Web".
Authentic Grade 10 quality, tan and red
jasper “Gunther Barbed” arrowhead from
Siskiyou County in northern California,
found in 1970 by Pat Welch.  1-1/2" long.
G10 Gunther Arrowhead -- Your link to Arrowhead Collecting On The Internet
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Check out my blog about Gunther style arrowheads:
Clovis, Dalton, Eden, Folsom, Scottsbluff; Avonlea, Cahokia, Calapooya, Catahoula,
Gunther, Hernando, Huffaker, Perdiz, Scallorn, Wallula Gap, Washita, Wintu, Yadkin,
Yana & More...

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G10 Gunther Arrowhead -- Your link to Arrowhead Collecting On The Web
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